Internet Explorer script error, Line 126, Char9, Library not regestered, code 0,  

An Error Has Occurred 

Line 126

Char 9

Library not Registered

Code 0

URL File C:\Program files\Hewlett Packard\Digital Imaging\bbfe\Director\Director2.htm

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Script errors when opening the Director

Solution one: This error occurs when trying to open the HP Director software. After the error, the software doesn't open at all or opens only with the Help and View and Print options available. follow the steps in solution 11 for all scrtpt errors that occur when opening the HP Director software. 

This solution will correct the following errors:

Line 114, Character 2

Line 38, Character 2

Line 126, Character 9

Line 82, Character 9

Follow the steps below to resolve the problem: 1. Disconnect the USB cable from the all-in-one.

2. Do one of the following:

    o If you have the all-in-one software CD-ROM, insert the CD-ROM. A screen will appear stating that the software is already         installed, click the option that removes the software. Follow the onscreen directions to uninstall the software and then continue to step 3 below.

    o If you do not have the software CD-ROM, follow these steps to uninstall the software: Click Start, click Settings, and then click        Control Panel. Click Add/Remove Programs. Select HP photo and imaging - [HP Product]. Click Add/Remove.

3. When the uninstaller is finished, a message will display to restart the computer. Click No, so the computer will not restart.

4. Right-click Start and click Explore to open Windows Explorer.

5. From the C: drive, locate and double-click Program Files.

6. Locate and double-click the Hewlett-Packard folder.

7. Locate and double-click the Digital Imaging folder.

8. Except for any file that begins with "HPOMSI_LOG_XXX" (X's represent letters and numbers), select and delete everything in the Digital Imaging folder. Do not delete files that begin with "HPOMSI_LOG_XXX" since they are required to reinstall.

9. Restart the computer.

10. Windows 98, Me, and 2000 users should update their version of the Microsoft Installer program to the latest version. This problem often occurs after a failed installation. The install fails because the version of the Microsoft installer does not get updated correctly. This installer version is included in Windows XP and Service Pack 3 or later for Windows 2000 but must be downloaded and installed for Windows 98 and Me. Visit the Microsoft Web site and download and install the Windows Installer 2.0 Redistributable for Windows 95, 98, and Me.

Get the following file form the bottom of the page. "InstMsiA.exe"

11. Reinstall the HP all-in-one software. Connect the USB cable to the all-in-one when prompted by the installation process.

The HP Director should now open correctly. If errors still occur when the Director is opened, go to Solution two.


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