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     Southern Comfort Realty  specializes in getting our clients the best homes at the best prices. We closely track both local & national bank foreclosures as well as HUD, VA, and Fannie Mae owned resale properties.
     Many times we are familiar with properties well before they are placed on the market. This gives our clients the best chance of making an early offer -- and snapping up a bargain.


 About Government Owned Homes...

What are HUD & VA homes?
      HUD and VA homes were previously purchased with a government insured mortgages (either FHA or VA). For whatever reasons, the previous homeowner was unable or unwilling to make their payments, so the banks holding the mortgages began foreclosure proceedings. Since the mortgages were insured by FHA (HUD) or VA, the government then paid the bank -- and took ownership of the properties. The homes are then appraised and sold by competitive sealed bid.

Do I have to be a Veteran to purchase a VA home?
     You do not have to be a veteran to purchase a VA owned home. All bidders are welcome -- owner occupants as well as investors. The highest bidder wins!

Do I have to be "low income" to purchase a HUD home?
     HUD homes are available to all purchasers -- regardless of income. HUD offers their properties to owner occupants only for the initial 10 days - then the bidding is opened up to anyone, including investors. Many of HUD's homes are moderately priced and affordable.

What are the down payment requirements?
     Down payments on these homes tend to be lower (as low as 1 1/4%) than homes on the general market. Remember -- the government wants to sell them! Each home's down payment requirements depend on the price of the home and are set by HUD & VA.

What are the requirements for bidding on a HUD/VA owned  home
     It's important to be well prepared when considering the purchase of a home. HUD & VA require that all bidders be prequalified by a lender before bidding. It's easy to get prequalified -- and it's free.
     Earnest money checks must be certified funds, with the amount depending on the home you choose. All bidding is done through licensed real estate agents that have been approved by VA or HUD. Southern Comfort Realty is approved by both agencies.

How do I find out about HUD & VA homes?
     Each agency advertises their properties when they are available for sale. We closely track local bank foreclosures and many times are familiar with a property even before HUD or VA takes possession. We also maintain a "notify" list. If a property comes up for bid that meets your needs -- we immediately notify you. While you sit back and relax, we do the work for you.

Are all HUD/VA homes "handyman specials?"
     Most of these homes are in need of some TLC -- whether it's simply cleaning up the home and cutting the grass or cosmetics such as carpet & paint -- the value added can be worth far more than your investment. (And remember -- "elbow grease" is free!)
     Occasionally homes may have code or zoning violations, or have major defects.  We recommend a complete home inspection to avoid any unpleasant or costly surprises for our clients.

What about home inspections?
     We encourage our clients to obtain a home inspection on any property they are considering purchasing, whether it's on the general market, or a government owned home. It's a good way to avoid unpleasant surprises later and help assure you are getting a good deal.

Are HUD & VA homes "good deals?"
     Many times these homes offer very good values, sometimes they don't. We are familiar with the local market and will complete a market analysis, if necessary. Here at Southern Comfort Realty our clients come first. We will advise you if we think you are overbidding on a property.

Does Southern Comfort Realty represent HUD or VA?
     No. We represent you, the buyer, when purchasing a HUD or VA owned home.

How do I bid on a government owned home?
     Call us! We'll show you the homes available, advise you on the estimated market value of the home of your choice, complete the paperwork and handle all the details for you.
    And remember -- when choosing Southern Comfort Realty as your team mate -- we assist you every step of the way. 



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